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Mosquito repellent mini sphere

Protect your little ones

This refillable minisphere guards your little ones through all their adventures. Parakito uses a proven and patented formula of all-essential oils that shield your body from mosquitoes, as the oils mask the odors they’re attracted to.
PARA'KITO cares about you.

Our products contain 0% harsh chemicals, 0% DEET, they are GMO-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and were not tested on animal.

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To each their own spray !

Discover our 3 mosquito repellent sprays!

Water and Sweat resistant spray: 8H against mosquitoes & ticks, ideal for water activities and sport sessions. Not suitable for pregnant women and children >36 months

Moisturizing Dry Oil spray: 6H against mosquitoes & ticks, brings comfort to the skin. Suitable for pregnant women, children >6 months

Sensitive Skin spray: 7H against mosquitoes & ticks. Soft milky texture. Not suitable for pregnant women and children from 12 months.

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