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Going the Lycian Way in Turkey

Posted by Parakito Singapore on
Going the Lycian Way in Turkey

Turkey is the crossroad between Europe, Asia and the Middle East so if you want a gorgeous blend of culture, that’s where you need to go! Hiking through Turkey will lead you to several wonders such as the Cappadocia or the Lycian Way.

Let’s focus on the latter, which was the first long-distance trekking route of Turkey. Heavily influenced by Greek and Roman culture thanks to its past, the 540-km long footpath offers 25 historical sites to discover along the way. You will find Byzantine monasteries, Lycian graves, Roman roads, the eternal flames of Chimera and several ruins that will satisfy your eyes and your camera!

The nature surrounding the path is also worth the visit as you will find the turquoise seashores, forests, Mediterranean landscapes with olive groves and various fruits to taste. Each part of the trek offers a new environment so if you don’t have the time to do the whole path, you can select the sections that you prefer to match your favourite landscapes!

To enjoy it to its fullest, trek there in spring or autumn as it can get too hot in summer. There are plenty of pensions on the way but you can also get completely off the beaten path and try wild camping to observe the stars!

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