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Jericocoara, the pearl of northern Brazil

Posted by Parakito Singapore on
Jericocoara, the pearl of northern Brazil

Jericocoara is a small fishing village in Ceara in the north-east coast of Brazil. It’s an idyllic place where families, friends and backpackers can spend beautiful and relaxing moments. This little place is famous throughout Brazil for windsurfing and kitesurfing, but these are obviously not the only attractions of this tropical paradise. Surrounded by beautiful wide beaches and sand dunes, it’s the perfect place to stop for a few days and relax during your adventure. Sunsets in Jericocoara are quite something!

In this village, there are no streets but just small sandy paths that lead you to the many pousadas (inns) and the charming restaurants. Night life is also a good part of the trip, you will find live music everywhere in the village and you can enjoy a Caipirinha sitting in one of the beautiful wooden rooftop bars!

To stay in Jericocoara there are many options: you will enjoy some hostels, hotels or pousadas but whatever your budget the best sweet place is waiting for you.

As far as activities are concerned, there are many in this area, such as spending time in the beautiful lagoon in the National Park! Around wooden constructions where you can relax in a hammock, you can admire the beautiful turquoise water that looks more like the ocean than a lake. To get there, take one of the famous means of transport of the spot, a 4x4 to browse the sand. Just few kilometres away from the village, you can see an impressive rock archway in the sea.

Don't forget the best moment of the day: the incredible sunset in the sand dunes that will give you an explosion of colours!

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