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Romantic lakes in Italy

Posted by Parakito Singapore on
Romantic lakes in Italy

Lake Orta, lake Garda, lake Como… Italian lakes are inspirations for poets and writers for centuries and are without doubt the most romantic places in Italy and probably one of the most on Earth. Travelling around Italian lakes is a great way to discover Italian culture, landscapes and secret places.

Lago di Orta

Lake Orta is about 8 miles long and surrounded by mountains covered with lush vegetation. The most impressive place of this lake is the little island of San Giulio, set in the middle of the sea and dominated by its 12th-century basilica. On this pretty island, you can enjoy a car-free town and contemplate landscapes. And the best? It is not at all touristy!

Lago di Garda

In Northern Italy, Lake Garda is the largest and the most diverse lake of the country. It is known for its intense colour and crystal-clear water. In the south of the lake, you will find the town Sirmione which is dominated by an impressive fortress with harbour views, like the Rocca Scaligera. Lake Garda is a unique spot where visitors can enjoy relaxation, sports, fun and the thrill of discovering new vistas.

Lago Como

Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy and one of the deepest lakes in Europe. It is known for its charming villages and towns, like the city of Como, giving its name to the lake. A boat trip is very recommended to discover Lake Como at its best. The beautiful beaches on its shores are a perfect place to relax during holidays, go sailing or windsurfing. Visit historical waterfront residences and beautiful Villas to explore the historical side of the place.

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