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Sunrise at Phu Chi Fah, a hidden gem at the border of Thailand and Laos

Posted by Parakito Singapore on
Sunrise at Phu Chi Fah, a hidden gem at the border of Thailand and Laos

Thailand is a great country for backpackers. Discover the Southeast Asian culture at a low cost, dive in its blue waters, meditate in its temples, travel through time in the ruins… Another great activity is to hike in one of its numerous National Parks.

Phu Chi Fah is located near Laos’ border, in the Northern part of Thailand. The summit is famous among locals but surprisingly, Phu Chi Fah is not known by most foreign tourists and travel guides. One must say that it is very difficult to access the location and that is why few foreigners go there. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? Never. You will soon realize that the long trip from Chiang Rai and the hiking is worth the view.

Go there as early as possible, before the sunrise. Once at the peak, admire the stars slowly disappearing to let the sun enlighten a wonderful sea of mist. In front of you, some mountain summits are like islands in this peaceful sea. Notice the changes in the landscape as the sun keeps rising in the sky and you will have a full view of the Thai and Laotian mountains by the middle of the morning. Nothing can compare to be off the beaten path and discover wonders known only by locals!

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